After an accident resulting in a serious injury, a doctor may have to make the difficult decision to amputate one of your limbs. This is a major surgery that requires a lot of thought and consideration to ensure it is the best choice. If possible, your doctor in Virginia should consult you about any decision. However, after an accident, it is usually an emergency situation that requires a split-second choice.

WebMD explains that most amputations result from improper blood flow. The lack of circulation can cut off blood to part of the limb, which will cause it to die or get an infection that could pose a risk to you. Without removal, in such cases, you could die.

Typically, in the case of an accident, the severe trauma to the limb may lead to amputation. If you are bleeding and it is not possible to stop the blood flow, amputating may be the only course of action to save your life. In addition, if your limb is severely injured in a way that prevents proper blood flow, removing it is the best choice.

Sometimes, a doctor will try to save your limb, but if infection sets in at a later date, then you may have to have an amputation. In a case like this, your doctor will usually involve you in the conversation and decision-making process.

Losing a limb is not an easy thing, but sometimes, it is necessary to save your life. This information is for education and is not legal advice.