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Virginia Truck Accident Lawyers

Commercial trucks frequent many of Virginia’s highways and roads. Accidents involving these large vehicles are unfortunately common. Truck accidents can lead to severe or catastrophic injuries due to the sheer size and weight of trucks compared to passenger vehicles. If you find yourself a victim of such an accident, it’s crucial to have skilled Virginia truck accident lawyers on your side. 

At The Law Firm of Carlton F. Bennett, PLLC, we handle a significant number of truck accident cases. We routinely advocate for victims’ rights and fight to help them receive the compensation they deserve. If you or someone you love is the victim of a truck accident caused by another party, please contact our office. 

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Virginia

Identifying the cause of the truck accident is fundamental in establishing liability. Some of the most common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Driver error: Including distracted driving, fatigue, or impaired driving; 
  • Mechanical failures: Brake failure or tire blowouts due to poor maintenance; 
  • Improper loading or cargo overloading: Overloading or unsecured loads can lead to accidents during transit; and 
  • Negligent hiring practices: Sometimes, caused by improperly trained or unqualified drivers.

An experienced Virginia truck accident lawyer can help you build a strong case of liability against all responsible parties. Having a legal advocate is important because Virginia is a contributory negligence state. That means even if you are only 1% at fault, you will be barred from recovery.  

Essential Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

Following a truck accident, the steps you take are pivotal in protecting your rights and strengthening your legal case. Here are some things to remember if you’re involved in a Virginia truck accident. 

Call 911

It’s important to have law enforcement and emergency responders at the scene. They provide immediate medical assistance and create an official accident report, which is crucial for your case. Be cautious about what you say at the scene, as you don’t want to admit you’re partially at fault inadvertently. 

Seek Medical Attention

Your health is your priority. Some injuries, like internal bleeding or brain injuries, might not show immediate symptoms. A thorough medical check-up can uncover these and directly link them to the accident, which is vital for your claim.

Exchange Information

Collect names, contact details, insurance information, and other relevant details from all parties involved, including witnesses. If the truck driver was working, note the employer’s details and commercial policy, as these can be crucial for your claim.

Document Everything

If possible, document the scene as best as possible. Take photos of the accident scene, damages to your vehicle, the truck, and any visible injuries you have sustained. Include pictures of crash debris, skid marks, and any other details you think might be necessary. Write down your recollection of the event as soon as possible—details can fade over time, and your notes can serve as vital evidence.

Consult Our Virginia Truck Accident Lawyers Before Dealing with Insurers

Insurance companies may try to settle quickly and for much less than you deserve. Our experienced Virginia truck accident attorneys can handle negotiations to ensure the adjuster doesn’t try to “lowball” you. 

At The Law Firm of Carlton F. Bennett, PLLC, we have a proven track record of securing substantial client settlements and verdicts. That includes compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Contact our office to schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can assist you. 

Why Hire a Virginia Truck Accident Attorney?

Truck accidents are significantly different from regular car accidents. They involve multiple parties and are governed by complex federal and state regulations. Our legal team is proficient in the laws regulating commercial trucking. We understand how federal and state laws apply to your case, helping you to navigate the legal process effectively. 

Trucking companies often have solid legal representation and their own set of investigators. You need an advocate who is equally powerful and prepared to stand up for you. Given Virginia’s strict negligence laws, you need someone to protect your rights so the truck driver’s insurance doesn’t wrongly deny based on liability.

Speak with Our Virginia Truck Accident Lawyers 

At The Law Firm of Carlton F. Bennett, PLLC, we don’t just process claims—we fight for justice. Our team is dedicated to thorough investigations and aggressive representation. We ensure that every aspect of your case is handled with the utmost care and competence, aiming for the best possible outcome.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident in Virginia, don’t wait. Contact The Law Firm of Carlton F. Bennett, PLLC, today. Our experienced Virginia truck accident lawyers are ready to fight for you and help you recover the compensation you need to move forward with your life. Let us put our nearly 50 years of legal experience to work for you. Call us or visit our website to schedule your free consultation.


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