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Norfolk, Virginia, sits on the Chesapeake Bay, home to approximately 238,005 permanent residents. Inevitably, some elderly and disabled residents need long-term care inside a nursing home or hospital. It is impossible to keep an eye on your loved one every second of every day, so you expect nurses and other staff to meet their needs and help them when necessary. 

When a facility’s negligence results in injuries like bedsores, they may be liable for any resulting damages. Contact a Norfolk bedsore lawyer at The Law Offices of Carlton F. Bennett, PLLC, today to discuss your case.

What Is a Bedsore?

Bedsores, or pressure ulcers, occur when sores develop on the outer layer of skin and underlying tissue due to prolonged pressure or constant friction on a specific body area. Bedsores often develop in areas where the skin stretches thinly across the bones. Pressure ulcers are more common for individuals who spend much time lying in bed or sitting in a wheelchair.

A bedsore can develop and worsen quickly, especially when a patient is being neglected or abused. Potential warning signs of an oncoming bedsore include:

  • Heat radiating from the skin,
  • Swelling,
  • Pus-like discharge,
  • Tender areas of skin, or
  • Unusual changes in skin color or texture.

Severe or repeated bedsores can indicate underlying problems with an individual’s medical care and may give rise to a lawsuit.

What Causes Bedsores?

Bedsores develop when a person cannot adjust their position, causing constant pressure on a certain skin area. If a person in a wheelchair is not positioned correctly or remains in the position too long, they can develop a bedsore on their tailbone, hips, or spine. Nurses and other medical professionals should follow general preventative measures for bedsores, such as:

  • Repositioning a patient every 15 minutes in a wheelchair and every 2 hours in a bed,
  • Providing soft padding in bony areas of the body,
  • Cleaning and moisturizing risk areas, and
  • Following a nutrition plan to promote healthy skin.

An independent physician can evaluate an individual’s bedsores and determine how long the patient endured negligent treatment by gauging the stage of the bedsores.

There are four stages to describe the severity of bedsores:

  • Stage 1: The area is discolored and feels warm to the touch. Other symptoms may include itchiness, burning, or painful sensations.
  • Stage 2: The sore opens and causes more significant pain.
  • Stage 3: The wound craters as the underlying tissue deteriorates.
  • Stage 4: The patient suffers significant tissue loss that can pose life-threatening risks.

If a medical professional fails to act promptly, a minor bedsore can quickly become a life-threatening injury.

What Are My Options After Suffering Bedsores?

If you observe a suspected bedsore on your loved one who resides in a long-term care facility, you may want to know what your rights are. A nursing home is liable for any injuries caused by the negligence of the facility or its staff members. Leaving a patient unattended or failing to adhere to bedsore prevention protocols is a form of negligence. When these actions result in bedsores, the victim can pursue compensation for the losses caused by the injury. A bedsore lawyer in Norfolk can review the details of your case and determine whether you qualify to file a lawsuit.

Finding a Norfolk Bedsore Lawyer

Experience and familiarity in local civil courts can offer a critical advantage to a personal injury lawsuit. Our team has secured verdicts for personal injury clients in Norfolk Circuit Court, including the largest brain injury award in the Court’s history. Additionally, our founding attorney Carlton F. Bennett, was recognized as a top ten attorney by the Nursing Home Trial Lawyers Association. 

Contact our office today to schedule a free initial consultation with a Norfolk bed sore lawyer.

Contact Our Bedsore Attorneys in Norfolk at The Law Offices of Carlton F. Bennett, PLLC

If you observe a suspected bedsore on your loved one, you should contact an attorney at The Law Offices of Carlton F. Bennett.

Things that set our attorneys apart from other law firms include:

  • Extensive trial experience and proven records of success,
  • Millions recovered from injured people see our case results,
  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, and 
  • AV®Preeminent™ Rating by Martindale-Hubbell®.

Our team has the resources and experience necessary to hold the at-fault parties accountable for their negligence. We strive to give our clients the compassion and individual attention their bed sore lawsuit deserves. With over 47 years of experience, we know how to ensure you receive adequate compensation for your losses.

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