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Virginia residents like you entrust nursing homes to take care of your loved ones while following a certain standard of care and quality. Unfortunately, there are some instances in which your trust in the institution is betrayed and your loved one ends up suffering from abuse or neglect at the hands of the staff.

Sometimes, the signs of abuse or neglect can actually be quite hard for you to spot. This is due in part because of the fact that many times, the victims are not in possession of their full mental faculties. Abusers take advantage of this. They know that even if their victims speak up against them to report their abusive behavior, they may be considered an unreliable source and their complaints will be set aside.

You can look at the behavior of your loved one to help you determine whether or not they are suffering from abuse. Though the signs can manifest differently in everyone, there are some common ones to keep an eye out for. This includes becoming agitated when certain people enter the room, displaying signs of anxiety or depression, growing more reclusive, or refusing to speak if they usually have no trouble with doing so. Behavioral changes can include more aggression, confusion, or fear for seemingly no reason.

If you are interested in reading more about the malpractice, neglect, or abuse that may occur in nursing homes, consider taking a look at our web site, linked here. There, you can learn more, such as signs to look out for in cases of suspected abuse.

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