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How do you know if you have brain bleeding?

On behalf of | September 2, 2020. | brain injury

A blow to the head can create side effects that could threaten your health, such as bleeding on or in your brain. Sometimes doctors discover internal bleeding if they treat you soon following your injury. But if you do not receive a medical examination shortly after a head injury, you might have brain bleeding and not know it.

One of the ways you might find out about possible brain bleeding is through symptoms you experience. There are a variety of ways your body might try to warn you that you have a major health problem that needs attention.

Subtle or unexplained symptoms

Brain bleeding can produce symptoms that might not seem very serious at first. According to Medical News Today, you might just have a stiff neck or a headache. However, some symptoms can strike you as out of the ordinary, like going outside only to start feeling sensitive to sunlight when you have never had such a problem before. You could also have problems walking in spite of no previous history of movement difficulties.

Harsh or dangerous symptoms

Some symptoms are generally hard to ignore and interfere with not only your quality of life but even your safety. You might also feel confused or drowsy, or even pass out. If you were to experience these symptoms while out in a dangerous work area or behind the wheel, it could make for a deadly situation. You might also have problems speaking or you suddenly feel ill. Some people with brain bleeding feel blood or fluid leaking from their ears.

Whether you have mild or severe symptoms, you should know that brain bleeding constitutes a medical emergency. Getting medical help as soon as possible could save your life.

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