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How to recognize amnesia in a loved one

If your loved one has recently been involved in a car accident in the state of Virginia, it is likely that they were subject to a check-up with a medical professional after the accident. If they were eventually discharged, they may feel relieved in the knowledge that everything turned out to be ok.

However, if you, as a close relative, have started to recognize changes in their behavior after the accident occurred, it is important to remember that some brain injuries can take some time to become apparent. If you are concerned that your loved one may have amnesia, you should learn about the symptoms and take action in seeking medical attention right away.

The initial symptoms of amnesia

Amnesia can affect memories in different ways. A person’s short-term memory might be affected, meaning that while they remember the names of their loved ones, they can’t remember what they had for breakfast. Alternatively, they may not remember things that happened months or years in the past. They may also have false memories or struggle to place past events in chronological order.

The possible treatments for amnesia

In some cases, treatment for amnesia can be very effective. The patient can be treated with medication, psychotherapy, cognitive therapy or through clinical hypnosis.

How can I pay for these treatments?

If your loved one suffered amnesia as a consequence of a car crash, they should be able to cover all medical expenses by making an insurance claim. It is important to take action on gaining this compensation so that they can get the treatment that they deserve.

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