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Can I Sue My Child’s School For A Brain Injury

Can I Sue My Child’s School for a Brain Injury?

On behalf of | February 14, 2023. | brain injury

With millions of children participating in organized sports, sports-related injuries occur daily. Some injuries are minor, but others can require extensive medical treatment.  In most cases, sports injuries are accidental and occur due to the natural course of the game.…

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Traumatic Brain Injuries In Children Caused By Car Accidents

Traumatic Brain Injuries in Children Caused by Car Accidents

After a severe car accident involving your child, it’s crucial to be aware of traumatic brain injuries in children caused by car accidents, as the long-term effects can be significant.  If your child sustained a head injury, the consequences might…

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Truck Accident

Who Is Liable for an Accident Caused by a Truck Tire Blowout?

While the dangers of car accidents are discussed regularly, the frequency and severity of truck accidents are less publicized. Yet, truck accidents often cause devastating injuries or result in multiple fatalities. In 2019, 5,005 people died in collisions involving a…

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