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What are the most common motorcycle crash injuries?

You might think that head injuries are at the top of the list when motorcycle crashes occur. Certainly, they are very common among riders of all ages.

However, there are other injuries that happen more often, and a popular actor suffered one of these when he became the victim of a car-motorcycle crash.

What happened

In the fall of 2017, Scottish actor Gerard Butler was riding his motorcycle when a driver executed a sudden U-turn from a parked position directly in front of him. Butler had no choice but to smash into the car. As a result, he was thrown from his bike and sustained cuts, bruises, a torn meniscus and five fractures in his foot.

Top injuries

The injuries that Gerard Butler sustained are among the most common. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most motorcycle-related injuries happen to the feet and legs, representing about 30 percent of all nonfatal injuries. The reason is that a heavy motorcycle usually falls over in a crash, trapping feet and legs. Safety experts encourage riders to wear long pants that protect against abrasion and boots that fit well and do not come off during impact.

Head injuries rank second

Running a close second to leg and feet injuries for motorcyclists, according to the CDC, are head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries. Any head injury can be debilitating and life-changing, which is why wearing a helmet is so important. Riders should look for those approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Studies show that wearing a helmet can reduce the chance of death as the victim of a motorcycle accident by 29 to 35 percent.

Dangerous situations

Motorcycle riders face danger not only from motorists who often fail to see them, but also from the natural elements, which leave roads wet and slick. Motorcyclists have the same rights as other drivers and are due full and fair compensation for their injuries, including medical bills and more, when, like Gerard Butler, they are the victims in a roadway crash.

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