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The nursing home system in this country is already at the breaking point. There are not enough workers. Space is at a maximum. Accidents run rampant. However, the worst is yet to come because the baby boomers are starting to reach an age where they need to start thinking about going into a nursing home in Virginia. With this large influx of people into the system, there are great concerns that it will be stressed to the limit.

Time explains that nursing home issues are likely to increase as the occupancy rates increase.  The shortage of workers is no secret. It is difficult to get workers who can fill the low-paying jobs because they are so demanding. A person can easily go get another job paying the same wages that requires far less stress physically and emotionally.

Not only is it difficult to get people to fill the jobs, but once in the position, workers do not stay long. This means very high turnover and constantly having new people who are unfamiliar with residents and job duties.

Once the baby boomers hit the nursing care system, it will increase the number of residents in nursing homes substantially, but there is not likely to be the same increase in workers. This will lead an already taxed system in even worse shape.

Of course, a shortage of workers is not the only issue with the system. Costs are another concern. Many boomers will likely have to depend on government programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, which also will put stress on those programs. All in all, the country’s nursing home system is not ready for this new generation of seniors. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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